PFID Waterproof plastic WristBand is made in the form of watch.
Used widely for access control in swimming pools, aqua parks, amusement parks and enterprises, for employees who often need to move within the office or working in awkward places ( workers of store, repairers, installers, waiters, etc.).
WristBand for saunas with a strap with no metal clasp prevents burns.


Proven, reliable technology provides extremely stable reading distance, which does not affect the human body shielding or changing environment, even the presence in the vicinity of keys and coins.

Over 137 billion unique codes.
Passive chips without batteries can be read an infinite number of times.
WristBand is made of durable plastic, waterproof housing. Antenna placed inside the device and eliminates damage.

The range of bracelets with a chip EM-Marin и Mifare.

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