Barcode - is a system of black and white stripes, representing some of the information in an easy way to read as a technical means.

Characteristics (Stickley) card - double card: the top layer is made of laminated PVC, the reverse side of this layer is made with an adhesive coat, the lower layer is made of special film. Used for personalization of contactless cards.

Contactless cards (smart card,proximity card) - cards that operate on the basis of integrated circuits capable of remote interaction with card readers and control access to a particular object or a payment.

Contactless chip - the microprocessor sealed inside the card and has no external physical contact.

Digital printing - manufacturing of runs of printed production with "digital" equipment. Used to print short runs of cards.

Embossing - an extrusion process of application the identification information on the card.

Encoder - is created for recording information on a magnetic stripe card.

Foil Stamping (foiling) - embossing with a hot plate, which transfers images to a plastic card through the foil under pressure.

Holographic elements - a detailed three-dimensional image of the object, which is an indicator of the authenticity of a card.

Holographic lamination - finished card protective coating film containing a holographic image.

Indent printing - indent - the reverse process to embossing, it means numbers or letters are pressed into the plastic.

Inlay - a sheet of plastic with chip sealed inside, is used in the manufacture of proximity(smart) cards.

Magnetic stripe - data medium with limited memory. The band can be made for different magnetic field strengths. According to this parameter there is a difference: low-(LoCo) and high-coercive (HiCo) magnetic stripes.

Microfont - the text indiscernible to the human eye and can be read only with a special device. Used as protection against counterfeiting cards.

Offset printing - technology, which provides transfer ink from the printing plate to the substrate not directly, but through an intermediate blanket cylinder.

PIN - identification number (similar to a password).

Scratch panel - Special opaque foil stamped on the surface of the card. Used to protect information (password, code, etc.). To read this information, the panel must be peeled using an edge of a coin.

Screen printing - a method of displaying text and graphics using the stencil - printed form through which the ink penetrates the printed material in the positions corresponding to the printing (white space elements to paint opaque).

Signature panel (subscription panel) - a special coat applied to the surface of the card, allowing to making the inscription.

Smart card - a plastic card with an embedded microchip. In most cases, the smart card contains a microprocessor and operating system that controls the device and access to objects in its memory.

Sublimation (thermal) printing - printing realized using the printer for plastic cards. Transfer of dye from the ribbon to the card is realized by heating the ribbon using printing head.

Tipping - covering of embossing symbols with a special color foil.

UV paint (special UV dye) - a special dye that makes it possible to put on the card surface invisible in daylight image. This image can be seen only under ultraviolet light.