Card with an adhesive layer (sticks)


The card for first or repeated personalization "thick" (Clamshell) or "thin mat" contactless cards
- The card for re-personalization "thin glossy" contactless cards

- Double layer card
- Composition: the upper layer thickness of 0.3 mm made of PVC , the reverse side of this layer is adhesive, the lower layer is 0.2 mm thick made of special film.

Stick card can be made in the form of pre-print card, as well as personalized in card printer.


  Dimensions   85,4 х 54,0 х 0,6 mm
  Thickness of the glued layer   0,3 mm
  Material   PVC
  The adhesive force of   25 N/25 mm
  Humidity of   90%
  Operating temperature   from - 25 °C to +85 °C

The storage conditions of sticks

Stick cards should be stored in a dry, cool and protected from the sun indoors.
Optimum climatic conditions: temperature 20 - 22 °C,
Relative Humidity: 50 - 55%.