Barcode has to be located no closer than 2 mm from the edge of the card.
Barcode has to be printed only on a white (light) square.
The height of the barcode must be at least 10 mm
The distance from the bottom edge of the card up to the bar code must be not less 4 mm

  You need to know the following information for printing the barcode:

1) The location of the barcode and its dimensions.
Note that the bar code can not be randomly scaled since it should be kept by barcode reader.
2) You can use the following standard bar codes:
UPC-A; UPC-E; EAN / JAN-13; EAN / JAN-8; Code 39; Extended 39; Interleaved 2 of 5; Code 128; Codabar; MSI Plessey; Code 93.
3) The sequence or database values.
4) Type the code and the size should be discussed in the course of the design with this in mind.

  There are not any restrictions on the location of the bar code for the hand-held readers.
  The standard layout of barcode for the slot reader is shown below. It is necessary to make a prototype ( sample) to read on the customer's equipment.

The default location for the barcode for the slot reader