Cards with rewritable topcoat

Technology that uses rewritable panel affixed on plastic cards. It allows you to repeatedly change the image on plastic cards without the use of consumables.

Printer for cards with rewritable coat, can cause any image, then erase it and put a new one. The color of image (printed information) can be black or blue.

The card is resistant to the environment: not separated, not spoiled when released into the water.

 The resolution of image must be 300 dpi and a large area for printing  provide ample opportunity for the development of design.

Multiple personalization of the same card (up to 500 times)



Rewritable Technology Advantages

  • economy
  • no need to buy supplies
  • card reusable (up to 500 times)
  • the possibility of rapid change (rewrite) the graphic information on the card with topcoat


  • Cards for Access Control Systems
  • temporary and one-time pass for enterprises
  • reader and student cards
  • cards-badges
  • club cards, gift cards
  • cards for discount systems and loyalty systemsи

For more information about the printer read on the site of our partners Card Systems Ltd.