Plastic business cards

Business cards have become part of our lives for a long time and are not an attribute of respectability. They are an integral part of corporate identity. Any card creates an association with its owner and should evoke positive emotions.

There are three kinds of business cards.

  • Personal business card - contains the name and surname of the owner. Phone numbers, titles, addresses in it are not necessarily.
  • In the business calling card must be the name, title, company name and contact information.
  • Corporate business card. Usually does not contain names, contact information only. This card is for information purposes only, is mainly used for exhibitions.

Plastic business card is a new direction in the production of business cards.

Card can be made in two versions: with glossy and matte surface

Plastic business card, unlike paper one, does not rush.. It’s thickness is around 0.35 mm.

It has all the good qualities of a plastic card: user-friendliness, durability and presentable.

Matt surface adds a plastic business card is another property . It is practicality, ability to do the notes on the surface with an ordinary pen.