RFID Cards


ISO plastic card Em-marin, Mifare, HID.

- Size 85.6 * 54.0 mm, thickness of 0.76 mm
- Material: PVC
- Mechanical load: after 250 cycles at 500 cycles and bend at break according to ISO 10 373 preserves the function and form of card
- Chemical exposure in accordance with ISO 10373
- Humidity 90%
- Operating temperature from -25 °C to +50 °C
- Laminated glossy cards mainly can be personalized by using sublimation printing, but can also be used enother technologies for printing images. May be numbered..

Clamshell HID


Plastic card Clamshell Em-marin, HID (1.6 mm thick)
A white plastic card with an embedded chip and a hole for mounting. Can be made with an identification number on the back side. It has high mechanical strength, but limited opportunities for applying image. In most of cases, card can be personalized with Stick cards.

Combined (hybrid) plastic card
Card designed for multiple accounting systems and (or) different types of readers. It can be made with two chips or chip and magnetic stripe, in any combination of contact and contactless chips, magnetic stripes and signature pannel. Laminated glossy card mainly used for sublimation printing, can also be used enother technologies for printing images.